JUST IN!!! We Are Ready to Divide Nigeria Now, Says Northern Elders Forum


Spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, a think-tank for the 19 Northern states, Prof. Ango Abdullahi has said that the north is ready if Nigeria decides to break up.

Prof. Abdullahi who is a professor of Agronomy and one-time Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University threw a challenge to those who think that the North is afraid of Nigeria’s disintegration into more basic constituents, saying the North was ever ready for the dissolution.

In an interview with Sunday Sun, Prof. Abdullahi opined that the way to go about it was through the calling of a formal meeting with complete powers to terminate the legal relationships between the constituent parts in Nigeria.

According to him, “If we agree that we should live together as a people and as a country, so be it, but if the general consensus is that Nigerians want to go their separate ways either on the basis of ethnicity, culture, history or religion, why not?” adding, “if anybody tells you that the large informed opinion in the North is against the dissolution of Nigeria, he is telling you lies.”

Reacting to a question on the readiness of the North for a dissolution, the agronomist, replied: “Absolutely, absolutely, we are. It all depends on the selfish way people want to negotiate.”

“I am 78 now and I also went to the only university in the country at the time in Ibadan. Nobody can tell me about the history of this country.”

“I know a lot about it because I was very much awake and a grown up person to know what happened.”

“The people who argued for the creation of states in 1966/67 are the same people today who are asking for the restructuring of Nigeria with particular preference for regional arrangements.”

“The South-west wants preferably a region, a region that was at one time under the leadership of Chief Awolowo, unless, of course, you are trying to ignore all the writings, all the things that had been written, particularly in their declaration called DAWN, Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, then you can ignore this.”

He further noted that “Biafrans who are saying the same thing. Chief Ekwueme is my respected leader.

“He was in the 1995/96 conference. In fact, he led the Igbo socio-cultural group to the conference and their proposal in that conference was for Nigeria to become a confederate unit. And of course, at that time, perhaps, there was still the feeling that some hopes still remain that Nigeria should paddle along and perhaps they will overcome some of these differences.”

“His proposal for a confederate arrangement was defeated in the conference. I was there. But when he got the opportunity to review the report of the conference, a committee was set up to look at the report of the conference.”

“He was the one who really worked for these so-called geo-political areas that is totally unconstitutional.”

“They are not part of our constitution and this is one of the mistakes that the country is going through. Geo-political zones are not units in our constitutional arrangements.”

“They are selfish conveniences of people who are perhaps clamouring for political positions, elective or otherwise, that are operating today to the detriment of good governance in this country.”

Prof Ango Abdullahi further reacted to why the North is ready for dissolution, speaking on the indices, he said: “The biggest indices is that other Nigerians do not want Nigeria; so I don’t see why the North should insist on having Nigeria. That is the biggest index I have. And this is on the basis of the recent statements.


  1. Prof. Ango you spoke very very well. You need commendation for speaking the minds of very majority of Nigerians. From all indications Nigerians do no longer want to live in this political house called Nigeria. They are very tired to remain together because of obvious reasons. The North and the South are highly incomparable. They cannot live together, it has never worked and cannot work now.As you have just said, thank God that you are an erudite professor, we would want you to produce a blue print on a possible ways for a peaceful dissolution of this very difficult tripartite marriage. Thank you, Prof.

    • Emeka, thank you for your comment stressing your points without inflicting abuse on any personality or a group of people because of their religious or regional affiliation. i am on the opinion that a peaceful referendum should be put into place let us vote either to live together with tolerance or to separate and live as neighbours. we all agree that our common enemy is the whiteman who exploited us, enslave us and are still bent on their mission of divide and rule which is very glaring. I am from Adamawa (far notheastern part of Nigeria), we are separated with northern part of Cameroon. similarly we have a number of Igbos in Cameroon separated with their people from the eastern part of Nigeria. therefore, we should not wage accusations, abuse etc on one another because we were not the creation of Nigeria. with mutual understanding we can come in to terms and put forward a referendum similar to Brexit and see the outcome. i so much respect you for your constructive comment and i hope others will emulate from you in posting any comment on this subject

        • Oga Felix, did u just say ‘a stitch in ……saves night?’. You see, God’s word cannot be broken “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is”. Even if Nigeria breaks up today, the evil elements resident in d different regions of this country will stop nothing to propagate their machinations of brainwashing and engendering hatred among d youths! Let us learn to accept that as humans, our only binding force is LOVE.

          • Thank you Riche. The problem of this country is not Ibo or Hausa Or Yuroba, but our human nature. Southern Sudan’s case should be a lesson for all of us. Judah and Israel fought themselves according to history, Syria is fighting itself. I as person, I do have personal conflicts regarding personal issues. come to think a family, community, state etc. We need to learn to tolerate each other in my own opinion. God bless Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Fulani, Kamwe (Michika) and Nigeria.

          • Do you think that will help us? let tell you NO it will not, let us do away with those old brine less leaders and putting the younger brine, so that we can move on.

      • The arrangement is a device to hold us down. Imperialists will explore u r diversity any time we any to achieve meaningful progress . Better we sit down and address our differences and respect the naturAl lines on our administration. We can’t blame oyinbo forever

      • You make much sense Mr Aliyu.
        When educated men talk, u read sense and maturity from their choice of words.

        From Mr Emeka’s comment to ur submission, I read intellectuals.

      • How do white men became your enemy?
        Have you ever hear when your father say any thing bad about the white men.
        The slave was not your father’s who sell their son and brother to the white.
        Do the white kill any Nigerian when Nigeria decided to stay on their own.
        Now, that the North are majority you will say north use u as slave after you separate.
        My man the white also do good things to us but you never speak of those. The only one you can speak is the history of slavery that was legal those day.

      • Aliyu, thank u too for being upright & civil. Our common aspirations concerning our country’s politican & social challenges ‘ll be easier tackled if most of us ‘ll learn to respect in other in canvassing our opinion whether in pros or cons. I respect u evn more for this & humbly urge our northern brothers/sisters, all youths nation wide to emulate u in all their actions & reactions on this national burning issues.

    • Emeka , I think he has done that. Digest his message and analyze well. The solution on how to do it is also there please .

  2. I suggest Referendum. Referendum votes should be organized throughout the wards level. This is my take. Thanks the erudite Prof.

    • You have a choice to go to live in Somalia or Afghanistan. That’s where people like you who thrive in conflict-ridden countries are supposed to be. Peace is the first index of development. Nigeria has never known peace, and shall never know peace.

    • Adakole it’s unfortunate you as a person doesn’t have a choice to move out of this mess called Nigeria, but for a large percentage of Nigerians. We are tired of this fake marriage. For us the Biafrans, we are hundred percent ready to go, though under a peaceful arrangement. Surely the center can no longer hold. Disintergretion is the true option.

      • I think if we want peace in other to continue living together in this country call Nigeria we the innocent Citizens need to fight war with these so called politician. They don’t have feelings for us for one day they only think of their selves and families or the other way round is dissolusion outside this we will remain thesame and continue face Economy problem years to years.

    • The general populace has to decide whether to stay together or otherwise. He who wears the shoes know where it pinches. We must decide through Referendum.

  3. This is cheap relevance, don’t talk like women, put your words into action. Then we know you’re serious, no time for all these oratory rhetoric historical fables.The center CANNOT hold anymore.

  4. The breaking of Nigeria is not the solution for now, our major problem is Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and the mass ignorant northern youth who deliberately takes the life of innocent Nigerians for know just course, political intimidation, inequality and marginalization if all this is corrected Nigeria will be a better place to stair, secondly they should seize the licence of gready northern elite in crude oil mining, and re allocate it to Educationist like lamido Sanusi, Rochars Okorocha.This people can build more school for re orientation of the mass ignorant northern youth

    • Because of your small shop in Lagos, all these mishaps and abnormalities you enumerated about Nigeria, you still say this is not time to divide Nigeria. Can you join the army’s to offset all these abnormalities you enumerated?


      • Nebe
        don’t mind him, he has been brain washed by his small shop in alaba market. why not him pray to be among educationists like two people he was just mention, lamido Sanusi, Rochars Okorocha. as country like Nigeria which has everything to be proud of in natural resource i am still paying school fees for my children to learn in private school due to non of any government school still functioning in south east Nigeria and will still be proud to be one Nigeria.
        let me ask from 1960 to date how many years now? since all this while is it not human being was in power to put things in order to make Nigeria a better place with what we have in the country. now buhari has came to power all what he does to tell his brothers fulani herdsmen to start killing and dragging land people so that fulani people can have more grand in Nigeria. please can you tell me more about southern kaduna killing case how it end? did anybody says something over it? all we heard is fulanis from Mali, Senegal and Guinea came for the operation. let assuming if that is true how can a country that call itself a republic country will allow for a total stranger to come in and kill her citizen without taking necessary action about the killing? they were only after when militant and biafrans were trying to defend there right and wealth because their hope and only source of getting reach is about to close.
        listen is better i die if biafra did not come to stay

        • My dear you will definitely die then. Cos Biafra will never be . Where is ojukwu.. He tried but never succeed. Wakeup from your slumber or you can relocate to Somalia

      • That is why biafra hasn’t been achieved because of these set of people among igbos. They think more of themselves than their tribe at large. We these set of people also among the yorubas too, they are even the majority among the present crop of yoruba politicians.

  5. The comments from Prof Ango were necesitatef by the impressions in the south that it is the North that does not want separation-particularly the Igbos. They mistake our quiteness for weakness or fear. They know we are accomodating and receptive.They are opposite. I am suprise that they do not know the destructive outcome on their part. Due to our nature we heartily allowed them free atmosphere to inves which they dont ( in Igboland). We hope we should be open-minded and continue as we are. The Igbos have wrong impressions of the North. They think they are industrious but we know that it is largely from illegal sources. We have been striving well and from lawful sources. The Igbos in particular should be careful with their utterances. We are not afraid and should it happened we will be most prosperous.

      • Toriola, like your progenitors if all you can do is to always support the north,go on. But you people keep serving them to your detriment. Your servitude they don’t appreciate.Time will tell.

    • Chai chai , reading your comment i can see lack of self confidence which marred the north ability to stand on their own because of oil in the south ….@umar sanuai

    • Yes that is our prayer. Let it happen, we know that all the component parts will be eager to develop at their own pace, which will in turn bring prosperity. There is no other way for true development unless the different nation States dubiously conjoined by lord Lugard are allowed to go their separate ways.And now is the time.

    • The Prof, would only be serious /mark words with action if he first agree to the management/control of of all oil resources by the individual States that owned them .
      All these discuss are tied to the oil wealth , were strangers control /managed others resources for their personal gain. The Prof. once said he would not support restructuring, that instead the north would exit Nigeria, that is to say one Nigeria is tied to the crude oil,


    • Elrufai said his state has , that is one LGA in his state has more gold deposits than southafrica. I think dis discovery is a reassurance for the norths subsistence so no cause for fear

  6. I sincerely believe that this contraption called Nigeria have nothing to offer anybody anymore. We have been in it for long and have nothing to show, the gross marginalization of the South East zone in this government gives no hope for total integration of the south East in Nigeria, You can’t beat the child and expect her not to cry. We can go our separat ways through referendum, the time can be now

  7. I sincerely believe that this contraption called Nigeria have nothing to offer anybody anymore. We have been in it for long and have nothing to show, the gross marginalization of the South East zone in this government gives no hope for total integration of the south East in Nigeria, You can’t beat the child and expect her not to cry. We can go our separat ways through referendum, the time can be now. The Government and those in authority dies not love Nigeria and Nigerians that is why there is nothing to suggest that continuously living together can change anything. The rate we preach and make hate statements allover is pointing to the fact that its better for everybody to go on his own now. We can live as neighbours peacefully

  8. God bless u prof, sir please inform ur people Nigeria need urgent break up. It is the only solutions for Nigeria problems.
    Biafra is running out of patience.

  9. Methinks, it is only Yoruba Muslims who want continuation of ONE Nigeria today. Yoruba Muslims don’t accept the possibility of another country separating Yoruba Muslims from Muslim northern of Nigeria.

    But fact is that these Yoruba Muslims are allowing religion to run counter to the economic and human development of the entire Yoruba.

  10. Nasiru Aminu-Daneji It is more honourable to be poor than to be slave or 3rd class citizen in your own country. Northerners are being killed daily in southern part of the country nothing was said, culprits arrested a team of SAN are ready to depend them (criminals). It is better we divide this country in to six. Let each region face their wahala independently. Nigeria will never know peace till we separate. We accommodate others more than we were accommodated. We sacrifice our leaders, resources and strength just to make this country one. But in return we were called Parasites. Let each region face its own issues independently.

  11. We need people like you who have vision for northern part of this country at least you are not as weak as lamido god bless u prof.

  12. I have been browsing on-line more than 3 hours today, but I never discovered any fascinating article like yours. It is pretty worth sufficient for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made excellent content as you probably did, the web will likely be much more helpful than ever before.

  13. Finally, one man has com out with a credible way forward. We cannot just continue like this, let us call for immediate referendum and go our separate ways amicably. Let us govern ourselves the way we wanted. Majority of our so called “clown” leaders are hiding under federal character to cheat, deceive and enrich themselves
    I am for Oduduwa Republic.

  14. Let divide Nigeria, let everyone one face there own problems, and if you look at Nigeria very well, you will find out that Igbo people and housa people doesn’t have anything to do at all, they are not the same religion, they are not the same language, they are not the same color, they are not the same dressing, they are not the same culture, they are not the same place, they are not the same business, to say the truth, i don’t see any reason why British join this people as one country, so let divide the country and let housa people go their own way because we are not the same at all in everything.

  15. All well said well heard. But all should remember that nothing is the cause of all the lingering problems rather than the corruption and injustice that ve been our mode of operation, one can tell more about what is obtainable in our Senate today. Meanwhile let’s first and foremost talk about dismantling the mountain of corruption and solve the question of justice and see what happens before the latter proposition.
    God bless Nigeria!

  16. I have read most of the comments here and i am really surprised at the ignorance of most of us be it Ibo Yoruba or hausa we can separate good we go our different ways but i can certainly assure you that is not the problem the problem of Nigeria is Nigerians especially those in high places they take all and plant seeds of discourse amongst us learn understand and be wise …….. Learn to be accountable for yourself

  17. I totally agree with the proffesor,we the Northerners have no problem if the country should be divided,we will like that,but what i’ll want the “IGBO’S”to know is that,its only in the North,we give them scholarship,indigeneship,and a place to call home,tell me where in the Southeast that anything like this in being given to a Northerner,and we should not forget,both the North and the South do you think these Politicians will agree to the break-up of Nigeria…..?dont be foooled they are all thesame thing.

    • Not now any more,we are ready to kill any Igbo leader who doesn’t support biafra,yes u made mention of accomodating the Igbo’s in the north ,because wen we come to the north we buy land build on it because we are free with northerners but northerners don’t build in our land to tell u that they have something funny in mind.

  18. Let us seek the face of God on this matter. God to choose for us what is better. God bless u all and enrich ur understanding. Long live a one united nigeria.

  19. Which North because the last I check the so called North is divided by itself. Were are you going to place the thousands of Northern tribes that are not Hausa Fulanis and don’t feel belong. They don’t share history, culture, nor identity. They have been living independently until the British indirect rule system place them under the Hausa Fulanis. The prof spoke about Awolowo and Zik on the various conference but forgot J.A Tarka. If the prof is serious, first break the North

  20. Prof. at 80years plus the history must have confirmed it to you that, this is unrealistic dreams, I am in 50th and I discover that children of the same mother and father.most of the time don’t love themself but tolerate themselves in other to get going since there is noway of saying you are not my blood. It high time will realise this and get going. We have more to gain in tolerate ourself than sporsuring hidden and ethnic agenda, let believe no one shall go for another.

  21. Its so considerate of the erudite prof to face the fact that Nigerian’s are tried and fed up of the so called false democracy……he must be aware of the fact that no region is afraid if decided to divide

  22. Truth they say is bitter, but prof have just said it despite the bitterness. I want a peaceful and geniu referendum.

  23. My take on this is lets think about the outcome of separation not just to separate, remember the southern Sudan and what is happening now not yesterday be wise! Because two violents people cannot stay in one place peacefully.

  24. Comment: well, i read lots of commrnts where most of them are matured unless some,eg d igbo guy who says ‘illiterate northern youthsx”a responsible and educated can’t say that,am living in igbo land 7yrs (enugu&imo)i came here with my bsc. i know igbos(everng) so this division is a welcom development, but we don’t want it in violence,i wonder people saying nig.nig., nigeria is a name or alpherbets eg n,i,g,e,r,i,a. the nigerians are the problem,even it be divided into ten something likethis wll go on.
    am asking pls am hearing of oduduwa republic,biafra,soon niger delter wll name there on.cos we all know that they wll be under igbos, hhmm.but it seems that biafrans more prepaired, plss i want know there map.

    • The proposed map of Biafra is the present day Southeast & Southsouth regions except Edo State who are said to be descendants of Oduduwa and hence would be better off with the southwest.

      If a referendum is to be held, at what point do we draw the borderlines? I have a lot of friends from Kogi, Kwara and Benue states who feel offended when they are referred to as northerners. Majority of Kwara indigenes would tell you they’re Yoruba. Even a southern Kaduna man is ready to fight you if you call him an Hausa man.
      so the 3 Federations format of the early 1960s might not be as much of a solution if component states are not given a chance to choose where they want to belong.

    • Prof you spoke well, if Speration is best solution so be it, and@Hamza uk, you spoke well, i can’t stop laughing o. Igbo be prepared for the Niger delta cox the last time I checked your biafra map all the oil producing states are included. Hmmm!!! I bend my head in fear.. Hahhahahaha

  25. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. Ill definitely comeback.

  26. Nigeria has only one problem: 1.CORRUPTION. Believe me, as soon as we reduce corruption to almost zero and we have an attitudinal change to public service, all this talk about breaking up is going to take a back seat. Stop the blame game and tribal nonesense. United We Stand Devided We Fall. God bless one Nigeria.

    • What is the cause of that corruption? You should understand that foundation of the country is corrupted and you cannot build on faulty foundation. Until we do the needful, the country cannot have peace

  27. Comment:is better for everyone to stay on there own than pointing fingers on others
    dividing is the solution thank you.

  28. Well I believe it is time for each region to go separately peacefully. We do not need war then allow each region citizens to work as expertriate with no discrimination. Welcome idea Prof

  29. Very good, my own opinion is this, ounce everybody have tiered to stay together , let our elder do it in peaceful way

  30. Thank you Prof, good comment. Any marriage or relationship that is too troublesome is always dissolved in the court of law. I pray for peaceful referendum. I suggest that the educated people like Vice Chancellors should be used like Prof Jaga in previous election. God bless Nigerians

  31. I have thought that after the amalgation,given the numerous policies formulated by various regimes that Nigeria would have been much integrated after over a century of living together. However it is heart breaking to this music of disintegration,breaking up, restructuring and other related terminologies. All this points to the fact that many Nigerians are tired with one another. Especially the big three.Igbo are calling for Biafra, the Yorubas are calling for Odudua and now Hausa/ Fulani are saying we should break.My take is since the three are ready we a referendum only for the minorities in middle belt to show where they would want to belong so that the history of forcefully imposing some groups over others does not repeat itself.

  32. The earlier the better. Ango & other northern elders may Almighty continue to bless you. Let’s have referendum this year, please. I vote divide!

  33. Comment: Nebe, Prof. has said his mind in regard to Nigerians, if they are willing to live together they should do so. If they opted for separation is to be done in a peaceful way. What is wrong with that? Going by your statements that” Nigeria has never known peace and shall never know peace” it’s unfortunate that you are among those who don’t need Nigeria to exist as a nation. Let Nigerians try their best in leave the rest to God.

  34. We don’t need a referendum but rather a dissolution conference suprintended by the United Nations to dissolve this British edifice into Six (6) Repblics of:North East,North West and North Central (Arewa Republics )Oduduwa Republic,Niger Delta Republic and Biafra Republic.Based on the principles of non violence and non exodus

  35. Corruption is the cause of all this and it’s a canker! Separation or no separation without seriously tackling this so-called virus (corruption) that is spreading at fast-paced movement, I bet you it will be as just as the Israelites were condemning Moses for taking them from Egypt. Let seek the face of God concerning this which is the basic. My question is do you know what these our leaders have in mind for us? Is to better our lives or their own pockets? Think twice! Seek the face of God! God bless you all!

  36. No nation survived in isolation, and what make us Paramount in the international system is because of our both tangible and intangible powers, with due respect i so disagree with you,

  37. Sincerely, Nigeria needs to devide. I remember my bro Gideon Orkaa wanted it with all means but the so called northen cables did not support him. We Benue wants a nation of our own. We are not northeners cos our ways of lives are difderent, we dont share the same religion and culture. They call us northerns but the north only uses us for political mathematics.The Tiv people stood strong for nigeria to survive during Biafran war. Surprisingly after the war all the weapons kept in makurdi were pushed to Kaduna. We are food basket of the nation, yet our people are not encouraged by the federal govt to farm. Our Temato products are wasted cos there are no preservations or quick buyers. We are equally tired of this arranged nation called Nigeria. Niger does not have any major resources yet they are surviving, we too can survive afterall, we have food.

  38. Buhari is afriad too. I wonder why north is afraid anytime the issue of dividing Nigeria is menstioned. Does it mean that the north is a parasite or what?. Other regions are agitating to be on their own,North continue to kill,maim in order to maintain one Nigeria, …why?. The centre cannot hold anymore. North does not want Igbo man to rule in a country they claim that belongs to all. There is no love among the North and South.
    It will be better we seperate. When we seperate,we shall experience more development,because every country will be struggling to develop her land to an enviable level.

  39. Comment:I did not wanted to say anything but several points were raised regarding Nigeria breakup.although it is obvious that many of the Jews predicted that Nigeria would have being broken since 2015 election.but they unfortunately failed.so,therefore Nigeria remain one some citizens of the country are eager for this seperation.we’re praying for one Nigeria but frankly speaking even if Nigeria could be divided Northerners will. never suffer we will come back to our Natural resource because they are plenty.you only rely on oil but in coming years the abundant use of oil has reduce due to technology.you have to very careful of what u say.

  40. The best solution to NIGERIA’S hydra-headed problems is peaceful disintegration.

    Let’s forget about the marriage of inconvenience and each region to its tent. There shouldn’t be any justification for any region to shoot or roll out the War Tanks against the other regions in this age. Whatever anomaly the 1966-1970 Civil War couldn’t correct to date, no amount of killings can achieve such now.

    Let’s sit at a round table conference and bid Nigeria farewell. No unity is worth spilling of human blood. Let’s welcome AREWA, BIAFRA, OODUA, etc….. GOD BLESS THE FOUNDING FATHERS

  41. There’s no much ado about nothing. Disintegration is the way forward. Don’t think in your mind that one will survive and the other die. Allow the division first and Let’s see the result ourselves. From the comments I have read so far, it appears there is a particular region that is not so comfortable with this division. Some speak with their tongues in their cheek, but that notwithstanding, disintegrate we must.
    God bless the new emerging countries.

  42. Remember, Almighty God will not come down from heaven and tell us to go our separate ways. But enough they say is enough, it’s high time we called for referendum. So many things are going wrong with Nigeria.

  43. @Aliyu, such referendum cannot work. Do you know why? Census in this country is a fraud as the country (Nigeria) itself is. The Eastern region is seeking for determination. What the Federal government should do is to conduct referendum for the people of that region seeking for termination of the marriage. This is it is done in other parts of the world. For example, the EU did not conduct referendum for the constituent parts of the union before Brexit, rather, the part of the European union, in this case Britain, seeking to leave were asked to conduct referendum which they did and me and you know the result today. You don’t ask everybody in Nigeria to do referendum.

  44. Its a great pleasure 2 see a northern prof rly speak on a matter like dis n speaking d truth,not just as a northerner but as a patriotic African.In as much as d truth is bitter,it must be told.Clamouring 4 disintigration can never be d solution but rather will cme wth its mny problems.D south east wia we cme 4rm,we do not love ourselves anymore,so much divissions,exploitations etc.within d churches dre is no peace n unity,children of d same mother r at war.Pple r overwhelmed by greed des days..So once u cannot learn to tolerate n accomodate d next man.Worst will happen even Nigeria disintegrates into families of father,mother n children.We rly need 2 seek d face of God n be sincere 2 ourselves,we stand better chances united dan devided as our greedy n selfish leaders mke d ignorants among us believe

  45. Comment:
    we can disintegrate to integrate. Germany did it. From Germany to East and West Germany and back to Germany. This generations of Nigeria believed the entity Nigeria has nothing in stock for them. If we ended up disintegrating, don’t be surprised some sets of future generations may have read through history and decided that the best way for them is to re lunch United Nigeria.

  46. What happened to the National Conference Reports that is supposed to correct all these anomalies? In my opinion, I will suggest its implementation first and if it did not work; Nigeria then can be divided. Pray too is another big key and self sensitisation of every citizen of our noble country. Not just the elders and rulers. Thank you!

  47. Part of me northerner (my father) and part of me southeast (mother Igbo)and both parents alive and still together someone help just can’t case a stone to any now the truth Nigeria is just a name we have been pretending to be one but we are separated in all faced of life even God separated Himself from Satan when they couldn’t go along understand what I mean

  48. Comment:The people that want to go is Biafrans, so prof if you are talking of separation you talk of Biafrans from nigeria. May i remind you prof tha our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still in prison for no good reason. In all that you wrote there is no place you mention his name or condenm the unlawfull detention of the innocent man. Prof, you are 78 and you knows every thing about nigeria, fine. Do know when trailer load of corps/ dead body of Biafrans was brought to onitcha from kano, they all killed by your people. Oga prof, we are not one and we can never never be. Referedom or not tell your brother buhari to release Nnamdi Kanu first. Peacefully or violently Biafra and Biafrans must leave nigeria, whatever we see we eat. Free Nnamdi!! free Biafra!!.

  49. Even if Nigeria must break, it’s because you Hausa/Fulani have dominated the power, you claim always to be the one that knows how to rule. Prof. I want to remind you that the Middle Belt will never be part of you.

  50. I strongly believe if we separate with our unique diversity and cultural beliefs every region in Nigeria and will discover her potential and come out to be the best. They are some much resources in every region to sustain everyone.

  51. Separation will never be a means to an end for us as a country but an end to a means let’s learn from South Sudan , the entire world is like a village , the west is battling with illegal immigrants into Europe ,so after division or separation will the unit be able to sleep with their eyes open, considering the above our tripartite existence Will be a better evil

  52. My OKORO brothers what a gullible lots you are,breakup Nigeria?You are going to suffer the most,more than any other,remember you have more investments outside your enclave than any other Nigerian,wiling to put all that in jeopardy?Just for what?I am not begging you to stay but just consider.

  53. Nigeria Good People Great Nation. I believe in one Nigeria, and i stand to protect my fatherland against all ill_evil people, at any cost. By God grace nothing wrong will happen to my fatherland. If you are vex bite your self.

  54. Wisdom is the principal thing, May God grant us wisdom to handle this sensitive matter. I have been opportuned to live in different part of these nation and i discovered that most of the things we accused each other are not true, just falsehood and hatred implanted by some political enemies. Well, by the look of things, we will do better individually, so therefore I am of the opinion that we sepereta peacefully and work on ourselves, if need be we may reunion as mature tribes. God bless the leaders and grant them wisdom to handle this.

  55. ON NORTHEXIT muslim youth in the Northern Nigeria stand. North and Southern Nigeria are two different people not destined to live together as a nation, by their socio-cultural and religious differences. While people in the south -south kept on agitating for resources control, the Northern Nigerians majority Muslims felt their religious ideologies and teaching can’t be exchanged for Oil or any valuable asset. They feel marginalised and crave for religious autonomy as a source for economics prosperity to Muslims.
    Muslims in the North are worried that their association with non-Muslims from South erode their religious culture, indirectly converting their children into quasi non Muslims. This alone is annoying Allah and is capable of causing political and economic backwardness to the North Muslims . On this premise alone Muslims call for NORTHEXIT.
    We shall therefore draw a 15 years session plan. Within these period region should adjust their economic and political structure towards independence. All resources should be divided to the state with a mandate to utilize same in harnessing natural resources, enhance productivity for perfect economics independence. Igbos doing business in the North to begin shifting base to the south, while Malam selling Suya and guard men in south shall seek job in the North. Northern people start learning businesses Igbos do in the North while Igbos learn Suya and Mai guard work. This will work perfectly. ON NORTHEXIT WE STAND

  56. I haven’t seen any concrete response from Yoruba sector. My take is If breaking will bring peace to all so be it. Each section that made up ‘ Nigeria’ will now seat down & plan for the future of their people & each country will make those governing it accountable to its people. If I want to go to the North I will get a visa same for the North too. But let’s do the break peacefully.

  57. We ask Allah(SWT) to make it possible if its the best option in the present circumstances we found ourselves in Nigeria today. Perhaps it might bring respect if any among the parting states.

  58. My fellow Nigerians u av spoken well, av u all asked ur self d question as to hw did all dis started as regards marginalisation, indifference, selfish goals and the North aving all d lion share. They still say we complaining arrogantly ,all bcos dey don’t won’t to let go of d juicy delight dey are getting from south south and south East bucket of sugar. If dere is nothing like marginalisation why can’t a bridge dat has been proposed for years be completed ,why is it only in d North u propose d completion of a road construction project and it gets done in 5 months and also in d North projects get thoroughly expedite to d finish in no time but in d East or south south it’s a story for d God’s and delay. And u say we are one, am sorry no we r not. Let d referendum process be d outcome of today. There is thorough marginalisation in Nigeria, nepotism, favourism and outright wickedness. Let there be a peaceful separation in dis country called Nigeria. And please incase I fget, someone made a comment from d North, a biz man from d North said in quote ” dat do u think we av time to manage dis country wit u easterners, if we discover oil in d Northern region now we will create a boundary and go our way and not even go for any referendum to tell anyone dat we want to separate or not” Dats a comment from a northern Nigerian, and u think we are one am sorry let’s separate now and see. Thank you all and God bless biafra

  59. Igbo’s should not be deceived, It’s a political talk they should release my brother kanu if what he’s saying is not political. Open your eyes 👀

  60. I supported Gadafi when he advised the government to divide this country. It’s the only way to have peace in the west African region.

  61. If our leaders will allow the love of God to flow through them Nigeria will be the best country to be.but let’s not wait for our leaders but start loving everyone around you and see how this love will spread to the top.as for me I’ll always pray for this country.

  62. Prof is not advocating breakage. He simply reviewed historical facts and left it open to the powers that be for consideration. In my humble opinion, breakage is not a solution. The solution is developing tough skin to live together with what has been: 100% religious tolerance, mutual understanding and love for one another regardless of the circumstance and ethnic background. Southerners live in the north and vise versa. There are bad people in society and it is fact that no society can eliminate evil people. Let us live with the evil, deal with it when necessary and stop complaining. Let us stop blaming the British people, Nigeria arise and build for time waits for no one.

  63. Please let’s help to share this article.. Might help us all,seems we all saying the same thing .’let’s go our separate ways’

    Nigeria my country!!!! Immensely blessed by God with every manner of human and natural resources, apparently a supposed great nation full of diversities; from numerous ethnic groups to diverse believes, people of different ideologies, cultures and traditions, etc. But then, a critical question would be: had these diversities been a strength or a weakness?
    Can someone please answer this question sincerely and thoughtfully!!!!!
    Now, my aunty (Ashedzi) was gonna get married to an Igala dude (Ojonugwa) and my people were like, Igalas are terrible people. Fortunately or should I say unfortunately now, I was privileged to sit amongst a group of some Igala folks at the course of the wedding who were busy analysising how horrible they perceive my people (Eggon) to be. I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together, it was overwhelming how we Nigerians see and regard those who are not of our ethnic group. More so, I could not understand if Ojonugwa was getting married to Ashedzi or all the Eggon people and whether Ashedzi was getting married to Ojonugwa or the entire Igalas.
    Hmmmm!! At my ppa, my Igbo colleague(Chibuzor) would open a pot of soup prepared by my Yoruba colleague (Femi) who believes he had made the soup perfectly and say “these Yoruba people sef, them no fit cook at all. Their own na to pack pepper full everywhere”. And you know the interesting part?, Femi on the other hand would open Chibuzor’s soup pot who believes his people (Igbo) cook better and be like, “ah!!!!! What kind of cooking is this?, There is no even enough oil”. I believe u get where this is going to!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    We were having a discussion the other day, Femi and Wale were like, the only way Nigeria could be better again is if a Yoruba man becomes the president and my Ijaw friend Bekeowei believes GEJ had been a far better president than PMB, and should even be named the best Nigerian president so far. The northern folks on the other hand would not take no for an answer on the quest for power……..
    How far 9ja?????????????
    I have got some questions which have refused to stop hovering about my mind, maybe someone could have a convincing answer;
    * can/will Nigeria ever get to that fountain called UNITY?
    *can the phrase ‘ONE NIGERIA’ ever be realized?
    * can/will the Nigeria of today ever get to the Nigeria of our dreams?
    These questions and many more I believe lingers in the mind of so many of us and if we want to be sincere, the response generated in the stillness of our minds sequel to the present day happenings is negative or better still, we don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But come to think of it, we all want to get there, we all want to get to the Nigeria of our dreams except for some sadists which are inconsequential compared to our collective move… So! How about we try to work it?
    * How about we all make a little effort to look at things from the perspective of people who do not belong to our ethnic group and accept them for who they are?
    * How about we support people who we sincerely adjudge to be credible for leadership irrespective of whether they are from our geopolitical zone, state, LGA, or share the same believes as ours!!!
    * How about we celebrate the wedding of Chibueze(Igbo) and Olusola(Yoruba) or Emeka(Igbo) and Jamila(Hausa) etc,,,, with the same joy as that of Olawale(Yoruba) and Yetunde(Yoruba)? (Especially to the elderly ones)
    * How about we come out of the deception of believing that our own ethnic group is better than others!!!!?
    * How about we come to terms that in every ethnic group, there are angels as well as there are demons!!!!???
    * How about we place people in positions based on merit and qualification instead of considering our tribes and religion!!!!!?????
    In fact, we all know these things,,,,,,,,, but then, when are we planning on starting to do them?
    I can literally hear a voice say ‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE’…… Hmmmmmmm!!!!! Impossible,,,,, and that’s why it would be impossible for us to have the Nigeria of our dreams……
    But I believe, I believe we can have that Nigeria we hope to have and so I believe these things are POSSIBLE.
    It all begins with a step…. UNITY is KEY!!!! two cannot walk/work together effectively except they agree……..
    ………. If u have a careful consideration, u would know division is not gonna be the way forward,,,, except if we don’t want to be truthful to ourselves………

  65. Thank God dis came from the legitimate nd well known northern Socio-cutural grp…..let same grp of it kind come from d east nd south to spk out as d northners did…. Hence, dey collectively meet d Federal govt to discuss how to do it….My advice, after meeting d federal govt,all d governors, all d federal legislators from d region agitating for brk up, should come together nd spk for der pple cos dey represent dem….Dey should also direct der state assembly to act dsame b4 we wil embark on general referendum… Tanx prof, u spoke my mind as real Northerner….

  66. Our problem is our leader in each region. If we divide without culture of selfless leadership we divide till a country in Nigeria will not be more than a state. Just evaluate your state will is governs by the son of the soil if his way is different from those at the centre. Or you want to talk of your rep. in the legislative arms or the kings and chief who have not betray his own people? Hmmm.
    As I am from west, if west should stand alone can anybody from west tell me which state will be our capital? Ife the origin? Lagos the centre of excellence? Abeokuta the most civilized? Ibadan the largest city in west Africa? Ekiti fountain of knowledge? etc.
    Selfless service is highly needed just to be remembered for integrity.

  67. For me if Nigeria should be divided then it should be divided into 4 places.south south should be on their own.same with south north, south west and south East… Because it seen like the Nigeria is too big for black men to rule….you know when something is big it always difficult to find it fault but it easy to locate the problem of smaller things….am tired of living like slave in this 21century.this leaders take’s money from Nigeria to beautify and built companies abroad while we lack jobs here,the little they will built here in Nigeria they don’t monitor it.it make contractors to hurt and cheat works,worst of all they will go and bring foreigners to work in the companies and they sack u the black,they value foreigners more than their fellow Nigerians.

  68. Separation is not solution, those who introduced it did it with their selfish mind, they want to become masters. Leadership is in their minds. One thing is clear, BIAFRA is a big joke. Because, Igbos only are the agitators of Biafra, others like Ijor, Irobo, and many other tribes in the east hate igbos, the can’t allow Igbo to lead them, igbos are very few and very provocable. Only Yorubas and Hausas are always surrender for their leaders. If at all separation comes, endless fighting will erupt Igbo land.So, Separation is not the solution but, understanding.

  69. Nigeria will never break up.The solution to our problem is to unanimously fight our common enemy irrespective of ethnicity and religious affiliations.We should remember that Nigeria is not the only country in the world with many tribes and religions.Does it mean that with secession our problem is stamped out? We should take a cursory look at Southern Sudan after independence.What of USSR and Czechoslovakia? How are these people faring?

  70. Comment:This is exactly how southern Sudan started,look at the mess they are now in.Anyway I am not hoping this to my “neighbours to-be”!

  71. All Nigerian have the right to speak their minds and many had spoken.However most of the comments are full of anger and vangence which if you carefully analised it people are all dancing around one or two things. Mostly leadership should come from my side or from my religion and so on.But no body is talking from the main issue “Development” of the country. This made to believe the saying of one “Mentor”who said Nigeria is for three.One Lunatics, Two Hypocrites and Three Fools. The lunatics are the people who benefits most from the unity of Nigeria But always calling for its break. The hypocrites are always in between looking only what to benefit.While the fools are all out to give for the slaughter of his brother so that they can take his place. Just like chicken waiting for its fellow to be killed so that it can pick the grains in its stomach. So anybody questioning Nigeria as nation just look at him carefully you will later realise his motives. If it is leadership, almost all parts of the country had shown its style of leadership and nobody can deny what we saw. you may even wonder what these agitators want?,what type of leadership they are looking for?No matter how you tear Nigeria you cannot have one tribe or one religion, then what can you do with those who you may claim to be not your own?Would ethnic -cleasing be the motive? Nigerians should come to their sence and think reasonably. Long Live FR Nigeria

  72. In this issue, I wouldn’t want to say let Nigeria be divided rather, let there be peace and unity abiding in us all. But for now the real truth has tobe spelled out which is,
    Buhari has established the policy of ruling which is u rule and bring ur people to hold sensitive position in ur govt and when I handover to u, u sack mine and brink urs and level blames and all sort of accusation on them to badstadice it govt and it has stayed. Tel me who will change this philosophy. Before, it used to be SGF frm north, Senate head frm south and like that to other position to till it levelled. But now Ifa buhari stables it in one region and religion. He has neglected other region. Let us cal a spade a spade and stop beating about the Bush. Let Nigeria change its policy and fucus much on governance, restructuring and promoting our economy allowing life to be meaningful to it citizenry, autocratic system of govt is not allow now nor to be well come, let us initiate what nigerian have divided in the national confab (ie implementation of the national confab policies)organized by GEJ. Start to fight corruption frm his own house before taking it outside. I don’t want anyone or person to marginalize.

  73. Thank u all for ur comments n contribution’s but one thing I want u to ask is that, what is Gods plan for Nigeria n Nigerian.? Without that all ur aspirations in just a chatter dreams. Except the Lord build the house, the builders build but in vain.

  74. Nigerian is not made of Hausa, Yoruba nor Igbo but of many tribes and we minority of Nigerian can not go with Biafra or Arewa Republic rather we the minority ” Middle Belt” remain as Nigerian. We are tired of elit

  75. Hello Brethren, hope u knew that the very referendum we are talking about here can only be conducted in Biafra region, that no other region has right to partake in it,. Pls Biafra Brethren let’s stay together for stronger Economic power and wider Business coverage, we are enjoying a lots in 180 million citizens that how it will be in when it is split ed units


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