President Muhammed Buhari resigns !! Set to return back to London on monday


President Muhammed buhari has resigned on the early hours of Saturday morning on the ground of serious I’ll health Reports the presidency. According to the source, he has handed over power to vice president osibanjo .

The immediate former president Muhammed buhari in his resignation letter addressed to the vice president and copied to the president of the Senate and speaker house of representative thanked Nigerians for their support even as he assures that president osibanjo will consolidate on his gains in security, Anti corruption and economy.

One time president Muhammed buhari is expected to return to his UK doctors on Monday as he battle his health.

Recalled that the media aid to the president has disputed the rumours that his doctors will come to Abuja but that president buhari will return to London for his medical treatment


  1. @ stanley Can you said that to your Father? how cruel and unethical you are.l urge Nigerian to be praying for our President that God Almighty shall stretch the hand of healing unto him

  2. Baba will return and continue his work if God wills it. Our lives are in the hands of God and only HIM has the last and final say over our lives. We must wish Buhari well as he is presently the God chosen for Nigeria.

  3. Why do some people wish others death as if they are God, you don’t believe you may die before the person. God have mercy

  4. Comment:pls stop accusing our dear president as you feel, l only implore each and everyone to believe he is God chosen. l pray Almighty Allah for his sound health recovery.

  5. some people just comment like they think from their nose not brain after you guys will claim to be religious how many people in your families leave till 70 with out any illness beside it’s God that decides you guys are just wasting your time some of you will even die before him #PMB4LYF

  6. May God in His indefinite mercy restore Mr Buhari’s health nd empower him to lead d nation to success path. Fuck d useless hater of him nd they are praying such sickness of buhari to hit them in life.

  7. We’re going to church or mosque, what type of messages are we learned from house of our religion , there’s no chapter where Bible and Quran has you to abuse your elder it’s was written respect your father and mother so that your life will be long in land , we are not anymal even though monkey do respect their elders , please wish our President well if you understand the man want good for everyone,

  8. PMB has always meant well for Nigeria….. We know the actual cause of hardship and suffering in Nigeria. My only say is, death shouldn’t be wished for him, even in ill health, handing over to Osinbajo is also a noble deed. He could have put the nation in chaos if he wants, please, PMB has done his part in Nigeria, you didn’t feel the good part doesn’t make him a bad person. government is continuity and keep praying it get better. #One love, one heart, one dream#

  9. Its ok to resign on health ground but those who do not see his legacy today shall see it clearly in future. Is shall be well with PMB. Nigeria loves you! We wish you speedy recovery!

  10. If Mr President died today brothers and sisters no Cos for alarm.dead is inevitable it can come to you or me.wish for others what u wish for urself. Some of us lost our parents b4 even they got to 50 years. Pls let’s respect our selves

  11. @ Stanley I believe u can see the kind of mess u put urself? Wishing a whole president of a country death in social media without fair. Oga oo… Naw wa for dis country oo. I dnt want to curse or behave childish like u do but lemme just say everybody wish u and ur entire family what u wished for
    Mr president.

  12. I pray that God gives you the option to function with your health status, go and returned Nigerians will be praying for you……..

  13. No matter what d enemy wish for u mr president Almighty Allah wll see u tru,The prophets n messagers face more than that but we wl continue to pray for u.

  14. mr pmb only i and you know that your coming back is irrelevant! so, could you just die and leave us alone..

  15. May God continue to protect and guide Mr President,and restore him sound health to continue his legacy in this coutry

  16. Hmmmm, my country Nija. Where Fighting corruption has become a crime while we all know that corruption is d number one setback of our country. When will our ppl learn to appreciate? Wish Mr President safe trip n good health, May Allah make it easy for you n grant u good health. May He help Ag. President Y. Osinbanjo to continue d fight against corruption with double force than that of Baba. Ameeeeeen

  17. Yuall should remember dat buhari is someone’s father,brother ,cousin, husband,relative…be careful Wat u wish him cos life we all know is a circle. Wat u giv out is Wat u get…his regime wasn’t my favorite but den I wish Mr president good health …

  18. Christianity has neva wish any one death except enemy dat fail to president get well soon,let God’s will b done

  19. Well I didn’t see anybody wishing anybody death here, they simply wished He doesn’t return… this could happen in several ways besides death.

  20. My president am praying for you those that which you death may see you ruling for the second term only God that determines our existence I believe in MIRACLE receive it in JESUS NAME Mr President

  21. Stanley no just get head at alllllll.. Can u do beta dan pmb? U are just one of does idiots who has Neva been even class rep seff..

  22. All these lies, are you comfortable in your sleep?? Sometimes I wish we were in a dictatorship, all these propagandist lies won’t be existent.

  23. I hate the administration but not PMB
    If i find my self in his position tomorrow i will flex it, lets be frank. Whether people think am compitent or not can wait. My health and pocket first. Since he is the best candidate APC had lets allow him to finish his tenure.

  24. In God we trust. God can do it again, He did it before, He will remain God forevermore, God pls even if he is no more president pls restore his health he is but a human we all make mistakes

  25. Who ever make a comment in respect of mr. President’s health, may Allah S.W.A wishes him and his entire family what he wishes for Buhari. Amin


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