Revealed!!! EFCC Boss Release List of Serving Senators Involved in N155billion Malabu Scam


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC boss Magu, had insisted that OPL 245 was awarded to Malabu Oil & Gas Ltd in 1998 by the late military dictator, General Sani Abacha, against regulations.

EFCC, in a motion, marked FHC/ABJ/CS/14/2017, told the court that investigations revealed that Malabu Oil & Gas Ltd and SPDC showed that current serving senators of the federation were involved on the fraud thereby releasing the list of the senators to the high court.


  1. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? How would you know buhari would be able to rule 2nd tenure?

  2. Comment: Only Allah knows tomorrow and what would happen, but we are praying and hoping for his health and capability for 2nd tenure. Up to 2023 for a positive and continued change.

    • U most be a useless man if u still hope that Buhari still should rule this country, what are we benefiting from his useless Govt, things are high and hard, my brother go n sit down and have a rethink n stop being a religion fanatic.

  3. Please nobody should talk about buhari for second tenure only 2years in power he has done more harm than good Nigerians are not happy with this old man who doesn’t know the micro idexis to develop an economy

  4. It is a pity most didn’t know the future of dis generation have been traded. The past administration had since looted our national treasury fr their personal desires. It is a pity we don’t know where we re heading if people who led past gvmt should come bak, except if they HV changed, we are in destruction in dis generation. Buhari is nt our problem, there is obsolutely nothing can a builder do when foundation have already destroyed. We need to start frm abnitio to be able to sustain this country by this generation. Pls let’s nt blame PMB fr our present predicament. Thanks my people.

  5. Buhari is an angel sent by God to rescure the already destroyed country …pple just can’t choose rightly and always make wrong picks example was Jesus vs barabas ,the pple chose barabas ….Good luck Jonathan single handedlu destroyed wot was left of Nigeria and buhari stepped in just to keep Nigeria alive but pple just dont understand this..why it appeared you were enjoying during good lucks regime is that he gave you all figuratively speaking 10 yrs salary advance in 1 month. And so u thot u were enjoying…he gave u all a full bag of rice that was meant for a month,for u to consume in a day…

  6. Buhari for president 2019. Talk less and understand what a good governance is all about. Those that hated this regime are those who sold their vote for a thousand naira(1,000) may God have Mercy on you that want to trade your life and your entire generation with d past criminal government. Up Up Buhari we shall vote.

  7. It is true that Buhari meet a looted economy and lower financial earnings but he added his own bundle of hardship to Nigeria via wick economic and selective anti corruption measures and non provision of palliatives to the inflation. As it stands now; he is not good for a second term. More aslo, his health and age indicate that APC and the North need to present a younger candidate.

  8. Buhari is not the problem of this country rather, he is god-sent to help in reshaping what has been damaged for over sixteen years by past administrations. Those who are shouting ‘selective, witch hunting by the EFCC had better buckle up and leave their thieving ways because nemesis is on the prowl soon to catch up with them. Cross carpeting will not save you.


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