After four years of battling cancer, Paul Arisa dies, see his touching last post


We gathered that a young man, Paul Chukwu Arisa, who made a public outcry for help to raise money for cancer treatment in 2016, has died.

Paul Arisa, rose to public consciousness in 2016 after his friends reached out to social media users for help to raise money for his treatment.

Paul who was an orphan, had been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer, for about 3 years before he resorted to making a public outcry to raise more funds for treatment.

He was reported dead on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, just when he was due for a second surgery in India.

After four years of battling cancer, Paul Arisa dies

Paul didn’t let his sickness get to him, as he was always optimistic that he would beat cancer. He even named himself, Wavy Paul Survivor.

The young man shared some touching posts on Facebook a couple of weeks back, probably before he relapsed. See his posts below:

“Even in the darkest times, I wear a darker shade and mask my fears, shielding and holding on to that little light of mine, for joy comes in the morning.

I mask my fears and shed those tears in the rain, letting the rain wash those tears away, a gift from the heavens.

Reminding me that even the earth bleeds and the pretty cloudy skies shed tears too.

Reminding me that after the rain, and storm, comes the rainbows,

Reminding me that after the dark,comes the dawn, and that joy comes in the morning to does who believe.

And that joy is of grace, the joy of the Lord, My strength


He also made a video where he asked for help after returning to Nigeria from India. See the video below: This is just so sad! RIP to him!


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