NAPTIP raises alarm as Libya, Mali deports 5,500 Nigerians


NAPTIP boss Okah-Donli says the agency is expecting 5.500 Nigerians to be deported in the next some few weeks

500 are expected from Libya and a whopping 5,000 from West African neighbours Mali

Okah-Donli says the rate of deportation of Nigerians across the world is becoming alarming and something needs to be done quickly

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has said it is expecting not fewer than 5,500 Nigerians to be deported from Libya and Mali.

According to reports, NAPTIP director-general Julie Okah-Donli revealed this on Wednesday, May 10 during a visit to the agency’s Lagos office.

She said the Nigerians are to be returned to the country over various offences ranging from non-possession of valid travel documents, smuggling of migrants and human trafficking.

The NAPTIP boss says it expects the first batch of 250 Nigerians from Libya to arrive in the country today, Thursday, May 11 while an additional 250 expected to be deported from Libya and Mali next week.

NAPTIP raises alarm over 5,500 Nigerians deportation from Mali and Libya

Okah-Donli said the recent trend of deportation of Nigerians from across the world is frightening and must be reversed through provision of an attractive environment back at home.

On NAPTIP’s part, she said the agency is ready to do all it can to stamp out the activities of those people giving Nigeria a bad name abroad.

She said: “Between February and April, this year, no fewer than 1134 Nigerians were deported from different parts of the world for various offences.

“Out of the number, 905 were deported from Libya in five batches, 115 from Italy in four batches, 41 from Mali; 26 from Burkina Faso; 14 from Ghana; 22 from the United Arab Emirate; one from Cameroon; 8 from Cote d’Ivoire and two from Togo”.

She added: “It is time for perpetrators to close shop, give up on the evil trade and look for more genuine businesses. There would be no secret cows, no matter how highly placed.

“We have made a commitment that out youth population, which represents the prosperity of this country must be rescued and protected from the claws of unscrupulous elements, who do not mean well for Nigeria.

“We are already perfecting our strategy for the “name and shame” policy to ensure that human traffickers are exposed to the world.”

We had earlier reported that not less than 1,134 Nigerians have been deported from about 9 different countries in recent times.

According to statistics released by NAPTIP, 1,134 Nigerians were deported for various immigration offences in three months.

The statistics covered only from February to April, 2017.


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