Tragedy as wall collapse on guests at a wedding party, 22 killed (photo)


Tragedy has occurred at a wedding party after 22 people were killed

The 22 people were killed after a wall collapsed on guests when they took shelter under the wall during a downpour

A wedding party in Northern India has ended in tragedy after a wall collapsed on guests and killed 22 people.

We gathered that guests had taken shelter under a tin shack of wall after a heavy rain descended on them during the wedding.

It was gathered that the tin wall collapsed on the guests due to the heavy downpour of the rain.

The tragic incident which occurred in Bharatpur, a district in Rajasthan state killed 22 people and 26 people left with injuries, 15 of them are in serious peril.

Police spokesman, Anil Tank, disclosed that the wall that collapsed was attached to the venue of the party. He said: “The wall and a tin shed attached to it at the marriage venue collapsed due to a storm, the wall was nearly 90ft (27m) long and 12-13ft in height and the collapse trapped many guests.”

Tank added that: “The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals immediately and treatment was administered.”

May the soul of the dead rest in peace…Amen!!

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