Future of road safety exposed: Transparent car made of acrylic showcases the next generation of automotive safety technology



TRW Automotive showed off a range of airbags and active safety systems such as braking and steering products in the acrylic car, which also highlights the sensors that are used to collect information from 360 degrees around the vehicle.

The data from the sensors is used to make driver assist systems work in a bid to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians in emergency situations.

Included in the acrylic car is an advanced radar that can be used to warn drivers of possible collisions and pedestrians, as well as spark mitigation braking and emergency braking.

A new ‘active’ seat belt system is fitted in the vehicle but in a real car that is forced to stop suddenly, it could help manage occupant energy during a crash.

The new seatbelts can reduce slack in driving situations and decrease the possibility of passengers being out of position and more susceptible to injury, the company said.



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