“We killed 3 million Igbos In The War”, ..Nigeria Should Be Begging Igbos — Fani-Kayode Gives Details


Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said Nigeria should be begging Igbos for forgiveness and not threatening them.

According to Fani-Kayode, the people from the South East need to be apologized to, after “we killed 3 million Igbos in the war including 1 million children.”

He wrote on his Twitter account: “We killed 3 million Igbos in the war including 1 million children. We should be begging them for forgiveness and not threatening them.”

Before tweeting that, Fani-Kayode posted a cryptic tweet that read: “O Lord honor thy word. That which u said will happen that will shake this nation let it happen quickly. Crush the heathen and let him perish.”

Recall that he had claimed to be in possession of an audio tape , where Northerners were ordered to kill Igbos on October 1.


  1. Allah the creator, help us and the great Nigeria not falling or divided, because some people’s are senseless not to b a Miss of human being or animal, because some animals have a brighter brain than him/her, pls we don’t have to b playing or gambling with life’s of many Nigeria, or playing politics, pls they need to called immediate arrest for all this bad people in society, fani koyode or what did you called him.


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