Npower Payment Issues: How to Resolve Payment Issues and Account Verification


We have received lots of comments from most of the Npower candidates, especially on the post of Npower disqualification of successful candidates.

We sympathize with those candidates that were disqualified from the Npower programme and those been posted to LGA’s far away from their place of residence. It is painful that candidates who went for their LGA verification were not attended to. And when it comes to payment of monthly stipends some candidates were paid and others were not.

Some of the excuses that leads to disqualification due to incorrect details are as follows:

Wrong spelling of bank names Wrong date of birth Wrong BVN number Incorrect account details Wrong phone number Wrong Email address etc No state has the right to disqualify you on the basis of age, except you filled in a wrong age during the online registration, which does not tally with the one in your WAEC. To solve this issue, get a court affidavit of your real age.

Most of the Npower candidate’s accounts has been changed by some greedy individuals. This is done by changing the bank account details so that when the stipends comes, it will be diverted to their account.

To solve this, try to change your login details. Some candidates were shortlisted online but when they got to the verification point, their names were not found on the list. How to Resolve Npower Payment Online To resolve this issue visit the Npower website and chat up the online npower officials.

First of all you have to choose the problem you are encountering by stating your issues as one of the following;; Not paid My Stipends Your Npower programme you were applied for or selected into Date of your verification State of Origin Local Government Area If the reply you get from them is not satisfactory, you can email them the above format to or call their hot helpline available on the N-power official website While waiting for npower to call you.


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