Pre-wedding shoot ideas in Nigeria you should try


Having a pre-wedding shoot is a great idea for couples that want to have a memory about the engagement day or have an album with their love story in it. So, your big day in Nigeria is getting closer, and you have decided to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. You have found a photographer (do not forget that you should consider him being your wedding photographer too) and you are thinking about how the pictures should look. Here are some pre-wedding shoot ideas and pictures that can inspire you for your future shoot.

I said yes

Pre-wedding shoot ideas

Low is in the city

1. Tell a story about how you met. This kind of pictures can be quite romantic.

Tell about how you met

2. Don’t forget about the culture.


3. You can get inspiration from your favorite TV show!

TV-show inspiration

4. Use signs. You can write something romantic or unique.

Using signs

5. Go out for a dinner.


6. Be natural and playful – pictures like these will make you smile in the future.

Be playfull

7. Jerseys with signs on them are very popular in photo shoots, but you still can use them – they look quite cute on a couple!

Use Jerseys

8. Dress up fancy! You can dance (which is very romantic).

Slow dance

9. Pictures in white & black are always a good idea for a pre-wedding shoot.

Black & white

10. Be yourself!

Be yourself

Pre-wedding pictures

A loving couple.

To make you even more inspired, here are 5 more unique pre-wedding shoots. 1. Maybe they’ve met at work?

Met at work

2. Dance like nobody’s watching!


3. You’re mine now!

Mine now!

4. Matching clothes are also trendy now.

Matching couple

5. There are no comments for this one.

A beautiful couple.

It can be a challenge to decide what you want for your pre-wedding photo shoot. But it is not only about the pictures. It is about your emotions that you share with your partner during the experience. Be yourself and then all the pictures will be as beautiful as you want them to be.



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