Senator Girei blasts Goodluck Jonathan


Senator Abubakar Girei criticised Goodluck Jonathan for blaming his defeat on foreign nations

The APC chieftain said the former president committed a lot of atrocities

He said Nigerians wait for him to be punished for his sins

Senator Abubakar Girei has lashed out at former president, Goodluck Jonathan for saying the US and UK helped Muhammadu Buhari to remove him from power.

Daily Post reports that the senator who represented Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone from 1999 to 2003 slammed the former president saying he should bury his head in shame.

He said Jonathan need not blame anyone for his defeat but himself for allowing a lot of vices to thrive.

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He said: “The likes of Col. Dangiwa Umar and their pay masters cannot save him (Jonathan) and his cohort from paying for sins sooner than later.”

“Having failed woefully, he has now turned round to blame local and international leaders who have seen through his foolery and decided to ditch him in the interest of Nigerian, their respective countries and humanity in general.

“GEJ and his cohorts should bury themselves in shame as the nation await their eventual prosecution and imprisonment.

“They must pay for their sins especially for the thounsands of our people in the North East who lost their lives and over two million others displaced from their homes for more than five years now.

“GEJ said it without mincing words that he did not concede defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari for patriotic, nationalistic or even Godly reasons but purely because all the tactics and strategies employed by his clueless self and his greedy co-travellers could not work.

“These include the looting of our treasuries, imposition of state of emergencies, sponsorship of insurgency, militancy, armed banditry and many other forms of insecurity in almost all parts of Nigeria to enable him cling on to power by all means.

“I am compelled to respond to GEJ’s widely reported remarks in the papers today (yesterday).

“That the cat is now out of the bag is no news, what makes the news juicier is that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan let the cat out of the bag by himself”.


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